A New Christmas Tradition: Pedal Pub Crawl in Adelaide

Christmas time brings a desire to spend time with those you hold dear as the big day draws near. Whether or not you are already in the Christmas Spirit – we have your guide to planning the best new Christmas tradition:

Christmas Pub Crawl in Adelaide

The HandleBar pub crawl!

Enter a HandleBar pub crawl. You can book a private bike for up to 16, or if you are super popular, book two bikes for up to 32 PEOPLE! We also offer individual seat tours if you have a smaller crew you’d like to celebrate with.

Christmas may be the only time of year that all your best mates are home – what better time to share a few beers and catch up with each other?



Step 1: Pick A Theme For The Holiday Party!

Elf - Christmas in Adelaide

The first step is the hardest. Let us help…

Here are a few themes our customers like to get the creative juices flowing.

  • Let’s get “elfed” up
  • Pajamas and pints
  • Santa’s and sips
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • White Christmas
  • Ugly Christmas Sweaters


Step 2: Grab Your Best Mates!

We understand. Your friends are lazy. If it weren’t for you, you guys would just end up meeting for dinner and drinks. That checks the box, but how memorable will that be? If only there was something that brought the crew together for an unforgettable experience unlike any other in all of Australia!

Adelaide Christmas party with pedal pub

We honestly can’t tell you how often we hear the same response from customers finishing their tours.

“My cheeks hurt from laughing so much”, “my friends have already started organizing our next trip!”, “This was the perfect way to get my mates together and see the city”.

What about the price? Our $4 beers make the experience often MORE AFFORDABLE than just going to the pub for expensive drinks ($12 beers? No thank you.). Would you rather go to the pub for the 100th time, or roll on your very own pub through the CBD AND save some money? 😄

Step 3: Lock it in

Ok, so you’ve got your crew. The hard part is over. All you need to do now is lock in your tour date. Here’s how:

  1. Check availability online at handlebaradelaide.com.au. Share this link with your friends so they can see what is open as well. Propose a few times that might work for your crew (Pro tip: if you don’t have a commitment from everyone but want to lock in your date, you can book and reschedule as long as you are greater than 2 weeks from your tour date.)
  2. Once you nail down a date, you can book your tour online. You will be charged in full at the time of booking.
  3. After booking, you will need to either select an all-inclusive drinks package (SO easy), or we do allow you to completely customize your drinks order. You would be responsible for gathering everyone’s request (up to 3 drinks per person from $4), and submitting this order online 5 days before your tour).
  4. Show up! We will have your bike ready with your cold bevvies stocked and ready to rock and let the champagne bottles pop!

summer pub crawl with the Handlebar Adelaide

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