How to Purchase Beer/Wine: 

1) Drinks Menu (Click Here): After booking, review the drinks menu and pick up to 3 drinks per person.
2) Online Drinks Order Form (Click Here): At least 5 days before tour, organizer submits groups drinks order online
3) We prepare an Esky full of your requested ice-cold goodness.
4) You enjoy the ice-cold goodness.

Liability Waiver (CLICK HERE): All customers must present their signed waiver on their phone with ID prior to tour departure.

Photo ID: Each rider (18+ only) must present their photo ID before the start of the tour. 

FAQ: Please read our FAQ page for answers to our most common questions.

Cancellation Policy:

14+ days before tour: full refund minus $25 

< 14 days: Sorry, no refund, reschedule or rain check.

General & Safety Rules:

1. All riders must stay seated, facing inwards & on the bike at all times, until the bike is at a designated stopping location. Anybody whom physically endangers themselves by acting carelessly on the bike (i.e. jumping off the bike moving, refusing to stay seated, hanging out into traffic etc.) will be removed from the tour. 

2. Please be respectful of other riders, road users, pedestrians, HandleBar staff, our neighbors & the venues we stop at. 

3. Verbal and/or physical harassment, obscene hand gestures & displays of public nudity of any kind is inappropriate behavior & will result in removal from the tour

4. At the end of the tour, customers can't loiter for more than 5 mins and need to be respectful of our neighbors in regards to noise while leaving the lot. 

Responsible Service of Alcohol

1. We can sell up to 3 drinks per person on the bike. We will also stop at up to 2 pubs during the tour. Bottle water is available free of charge on the bike. 

2. Please ensure your group does not arrive intoxicated. Anybody whom turns up intoxicated or becomes intoxicated at any point during the tour will be refused service.

3. Customers can not take left over alcohol with them, so please do not order more than you need

4. The BarHandler is the boss. The tour organizer is second in charge to ensure the rest of the customers in the group are acting responsibly.

5. We have a few very simple rules to operate safely and legally in Adelaide. Failure to obey any of the rules will result in removal from the tour and a fee of up to $500 to be charged to tour organizer's credit card

6. Have fun, but please drink responsibly