HandleBar FAQ

Top Ten HandleBar Questions

1. How to select/pay for drinks after booking?

1) Drinks Menu (Click Here): After booking, review the drinks menu and pick up to 3 drinks per person.
2) Online Drinks Order Form (Click Here): At least 5 days before tour start date, organizer submits groups drinks order online
3) We prepare an Esky full of your requested ice-cold goodness.
4) You enjoy the ice-cold goodness.

2. What types of alcohol do you have on the HandleBar?

Drinks Menu (Click Here)

We do not have hard liquor.


All alcohol must stay on bike.

Drinks may be purchased by the group organizer by submitting the groups order form at least 5 days before tour.

3. How old do you have to be to ride The HandleBar?

All riders must 18 years old to ride or consume alcoholic beverages.

All ID’s will be checked before tour start.

4. What dates are available?

To see available dates and book your tour, click Book Now.

5. How many people can ride on a bike?

GROUP TOURS: The minimum recommended number of passengers is 6. The maximum per bike is 16. If you have a larger party, you may rent multiple bikes. The price remains fixed regardless of party size.

INDIVIDUAL SEAT TOURS: You can book anywhere from 1-16 seats (if available) on our individual seat tours. These tours run Thursday-Saturday for $32 a seat. For booking calendar Click Here

6. How much does a tour cost?

Pricing Depends on the date/time and tour type (Private Group or Public Tours).

For all pricing and availability, please refer to our up to the minute booking calendar.

7. Is there music on The HandleBar?

Have you ever been to a (fun) party without music? We are actually disgusted you even asked.

Pro Tip: Create a playlist for your day, or queue up Spotify and plug into our stereo (we’ve got you covered with the hook-ups required).

8. Where does the tour start/go/end?

All tours Start/End at 140 Gray St, Adelaide, SA, 5000.

The tour is 2 hrs around the Adelaide CBD.

There is plenty of street parking around our location.

9. Where do I sign this damn waiver?

Cool your jets pal. Here she is: WAIVER

10. Whats the route?

We take care of the route, but if you have a bar or location you’d like to go, just ask your “Bar Handler” before you take off and we can try to accommodate your request.

Booking Your HandleBar Experience

How can I find available dates and times?

Visit our BOOKINGS PAGE to view all availability and book your tour.  If you are within 2 days of your requested tour, please text us at 0421-858-153 and we may be able to squeeze your group in! 

How do I pay?

You will need to pay in full when you finalize your booking online (BOOK HERE). No cash payments are accepted. We do not hold tours without full payment.

Drinks can be paid with the same card used to make the booking or paid on the day (1 card per group only).

What if I want to cancel or reschedule?

Cancellations more than 14 days out receive a rain check or refund minus $25 (group tours). Cancellations less than 14 days out – No refund or rain check (you are responsible for full price of the tour, regardless of deposited amount).

Please let us know if you need to cancel, as we will do our best to fill your tour. If we can fill your spot, we will refund you in full minus $25 (group tours).

Do you guys sell gift certificates?

Yes! You can purchase gift certificates for any dollar amount: CLICK HERE.

Prep: Before the Tour Starts

How do I sign the WAIVER?

On the day of your tour, all riders must sign the e-waiver. Each rider must show their confirmation email received after completion as well as ID to ride.

Link for E-Waiver: CLICK HERE

What is the Weather Policy?

The HandleBar operates rain or shine.  Please dress appropriately for predicted weather conditions.

The HandleBar reserves the right to cancel the tour and offer the renter a rain check. There will be no rain checks offered for rides once begun.

If weather is bad enough (thunderstorms imminent), we will notify you at least 2 hours before the tour start time to offer a rain check. You may decline as long as weather is safe enough to ride. Never assume your ride is cancelled unless you hear from us first.

For tours forecasted to be during extreme heat, we will contact you by 10am on the day of the tour if the forecasted temperature during your tour is 36 degrees or higher by weather.com and offer a raincheck. If extreme heat is forecasted and we haven’t already contacted you, please feel free to reach out to us about moving your tour to an earlier/later part of the day where the temperatures will be cooler.

How many people pedal the bike?

There are 12 “BarStools” total (6 on each side) but only 10 total pedaling seats (5 on each side). Each side also has a seat over the wheels, which means they don’t have pedals. Each bike also has a bench in the back that seats 3 people who want a rest or just want to relax. The last passenger spot is in the middle of The Handlebar.

Who can’t pedal The HandleBar?

Passengers shorter than 5’3”  may have a hard time reaching pedals.  

There is a maximum weight of 300 pounds for people on the bike seats.

The bench at the back of the bike is perfect for those who don’t fit the height and weight limitations. 

Where do we park?

There is plenty of street parking around our location.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Really, anything can be worn and you’ll be okay, but remember you’re pedaling a bike so consider that when picking out our wardrobe. We do, however,  recommend you not wear sandals as they can easily come off while pedaling.

What if we don’t want to drink alcohol?

No problem! We have tours where people just want to ride and enjoy the unique experience. The HandleBar is always a blast and we welcome everyone.

Can we decorate the bike?

Yes! The dimensions of the parts you can decorate can be found below.  Decorations can be hung anywhere on the bike with the exception of covering our HandleBar website address or obstructing the view of the driver. We recommend zip ties, rope, or string for attachment methods. We do not allow tape as duct tape removes the varnish from the wood and scotch tape is not strong enough to hold.

What are the Safety rules?

1. All riders must stay seated, facing inwards & on the bike at all times, until the bike is at a designated stopping location. Anybody whom physically endangers themselves by acting carelessly on the bike (i.e. jumping off the bike moving, refusing to stay seated, hanging out into traffic etc.) will be removed from the tour.

2. Please be respectful of other riders, road users, pedestrians, HandleBar staff, our neighbors & the venues we stop at.

3. Verbal and/or physical harassment, obscene hand gestures & displays of public nudity of any kind is inappropriate behavior & will result in removal from the tour

4. At the end of the tour, customers can’t loiter for more than 5 mins and need to be respectful of our neighbors in regards to noise while leaving the lot.

What are your responsible service of alcohol policies?

1. We can sell up to 3 drinks per person on the bike. We will also stop at up to 2 pubs during the tour. Bottle water is available free of charge on the bike.

2. Please ensure your group does not arrive intoxicated. Anybody whom turns up intoxicated or becomes intoxicated at any point during the tour will be refused service.

3. Customers can not take left over alcohol with them, so please do not order more than you need

4. The BarHandler is the boss. The tour organizer is second in charge to ensure the rest of the customers in the group are acting responsibly.

5. We have a few very simple rules to operate safely and legally in Adelaide. Failure to obey any of the rules will result in removal from the tour and a fee of up to $500 to be charged to tour organizer’s credit card

6. Have fun, but please drink responsibly

What to Expect During The Tour

Can I drink alcohol on The Handlebar?

Yes! Riders are allowed to drink beer, wine & cider per our drinks menu (Click Here)

Unfortunately, you we do not serve any hard alcohol and there is strictly no BYOB.

Can we eat while on the HandleBar?

Customers are welcome to bring their own food on the tour.  

Food Special – We’ve teamed up with LaTrattoria Pizza. All our customers get 15% off take away orders during the tour. To redeem, please place order with LaTrattoria (Ph: 8212 3327) 1 hr before tour time and request that the pizza be ready for 15 mins after your tour start time. Please mention HandleBar to get the discount.

What route will we take?

Your driver will handle the route, unless you have specific places you really want to go. As long as parking is available, we’re more than happy to tailor the route to where you want to go. Our typical route includes stops at Victoria Square (relax on your own bar and get a great group photo) & 2 pubs of your choice. 

Who drives this thing?

Each tour comes with your very own Bar Handler. He or She will steer the bike for you, get pictures along the way, keep you fueled and guide you through some of the coolest areas of town. We could not be more proud of the crew of young hard working Bar Handlers that have joined our team over the years.

The Bar Handler is also in charge of the bike, so what they say goes.

Do you have music on the bike?

Have you ever been to a (fun) party without music? We can’t believe you even asked.

Pro Tip: Create a playlist for your day, or queue up Spotify and plug into our stereo (we’ve got you covered with the hook-ups required).

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