1. How to select/pay for our beer and wine after booking: 

1) Drinks Menu (Click Here): After booking, review the drinks menu and pick up to 3 drinks per person. 
2) Online Drinks Order Form (Click Here): At least 5 days before tour start date, organizer submits groups drinks order online
3) We prepare an Esky full of your requested ice-cold goodness.
4) You enjoy the ice-cold goodness.

2. We do not have hard liquor. No BYOB. All beer/wine must stay on bike. Beer/Wine may be purchased by the group organizer by submitting the groups order form at least 5 days before tour. 

3. You must 18 years old to ride or consume alcoholic beverages. All ID's will be checked before tour start.

4. Up to the minute availability is available by clicking the "Book Now" button here.  

5. The max party size is 16 people (no exceptions) per bike (32 with 2 bikes) and the min recommended is 6 for group tours. Individual seat tours require at least 6 riders for the tour to go.  

6. Cost for a 2 hr group tour is $400 on Friday & Saturday, $300 Thursdays & Sundays, $200 Mon-Wed. Individual seat tours are $32/seat. This includes GST, but not alcohol. Refer to #1 for drinks ordering process.

7. Bring Music! We have a stereo and aux cord to plug into your phone to play your music.

8. Our tours start and end from 140 Gray Street, Adelaide, SA 5000. See our location page for more info. There is plenty of street parking around our location.

9. We are 100% pedal-powered; no motor! We make up to three stops (1-2 bars and one park) to take breaks.

10. We take care of the route, but if you have a bar or location you’d like to go, just ask your “Bar Handler” before you take off and we can try to accommodate your request.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

General & Safety Rules:

1. All riders must stay seated, facing inwards & on the bike at all times, until the bike is at a designated stopping location. Anybody whom physically endangers themselves by acting carelessly on the bike (i.e. jumping off the bike moving, refusing to stay seated, hanging out into traffic etc.) will be removed from the tour. 

2. Please be respectful of other riders, road users, pedestrians, HandleBar staff, our neighbors & the venues we stop at. 

3. Verbal and/or physical harassment, obscene hand gestures & displays of public nudity of any kind is inappropriate behavior & will result in removal from the tour

4. At the end of the tour, customers can't loiter for more than 5 mins and need to be respectful of our neighbors in regards to noise while leaving the lot. 

Responsible Service of Alcohol

1. We can sell up to 3 drinks per person on the bike. We will also stop at up to 2 pubs during the tour. Bottle water is available free of charge on the bike. 

2. Please ensure your group does not arrive intoxicated. Anybody whom turns up intoxicated or becomes intoxicated at any point during the tour will be refused service.

3. Customers can not take left over alcohol with them, so please do not order more than you need

4. The BarHandler is the boss. The tour organizer is second in charge to ensure the rest of the customers in the group are acting responsibly.

5. We have a few very simple rules to operate safely and legally in Adelaide. Failure to obey any of the rules will result in removal from the tour and a fee of up to $500 to be charged to tour organizer's credit card

6. Have fun, but please drink responsibly

Can I drink alcohol on The HandleBar?

Yes – Only the beer, wine & cider that we sell to you before the tour. Drinks must be kept on the bike. We also stop at up to 2 pubs during the tour.

What do I need to bring as far as drinks go?

Nothing! We will prepare your cooler based on your drink order and have it ready for you. 

What dates are available?

Please see our online booking calendar (Click Here)

Call us or email if you're within 2 days as we may be able to squeeze you in.

How do I pay?

Payment for the bike is required in full at the time of booking online. We do not offer cash payment for tours.

What is the route we take?

Your driver will handle the route.  If you have some place you’d really like to go, this can be discussed with your driver upon arrival for your tour.

Possible 1st stops include:  General Havelocks, Coopers Ale House, Saracens Head Hotel, Rob Roy Hotel, Griffin's Head Hotel

Possible 2nd stops include: Gilbert Street Hotel, Kings Head Hotel, Publishers Hotel, or Franklin Street Hotel.

3rd stop (if time allows) will be Victoria Square, where you will have a chance to get a great group photo and finish the drinks you've purchased on the bike.

Does the HandleBar have a motor?

No, we are 100% pedal-powered.

Does The HandleBar supply food or beverages?

Drinks - Yes for purchase. 

Food - No, but you are allowed to bring your own food & Snacks (eg. Fruit & Cheese Platter etc). 

Where do we park?

There is plenty of street parking around our starting location of 140 Gray St. Parking is not available in our lot.

How many people ride? How many pedal? 

We allow up to 16 passengers per bike (no exceptions). There are 10 pedaling seats. The minimum required to book is 6, however the price remains fixed on group tours ($200 Mon-Wed, $300 Sun-Thurs, $400 Fri/Sat) regardless of #.

Do you guys sell gift certificates?

Yes, please CLICK HERE.

How do I book a two bike tour?

If you are interested in a two bike tour (up to 32 people), book two open bookings which are five minutes apart, i.e. 6:55PM and 7:00PM. If you don't see two opening available, contact us and we may be able to help you out!

What is the HandleBar's weather policy?

The HandleBar operates rain or shine.  Please dress appropriately for predicted weather conditions.

The HandleBar reserves the right to cancel the tour and offer the renter a rain check. There will be no rain checks offered for rides once begun.

If weather is bad enough (thunderstorms imminent), we will notify you at least 2 hours before the tour start time to offer a rain check. You may decline as long as weather is safe enough to ride. Never assume your ride is cancelled unless you hear from us first.

For tours forecasted to be during extreme heat, we will contact you by 10am on the day of the tour if the forecasted temperature during your tour is 36 degrees or higher by weather.com and offer a raincheck. If extreme heat is forecasted and we haven't already contacted you, please feel free to reach out to us about moving your tour to an earlier/later part of the day where the temperatures will be cooler.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Comfortable clothing (maybe not a dress?) and closed toed shoes.

Other fees we need to be aware of?

Because the power is with the people, we are dependent on you to get us back on time (we help keep to schedule). This has never been an issue, but late fees may be assigned if the group is responsible for returning the bike late: 

16-30 minutes late: $200

31-60 minutes late: $400

Abandonment: $1000

Inappropriate behavior that results in patrons being removed from the bike may result in fines up to $500.

What is the cancellation policy?

14+ days before tour:  full refund minus $25 for credit card processing/booking fees.

0-13 days before tour: Sorry, no refund or rain check.

Do you provide a Driver?

Absolutely. We aren't that crazy. We call the driver the "Bar Handler". 

Who should rent The HandleBar?

Corporations for team building, birthday parties, company parties, going-away parties, social clubs, conventions, sports teams, picnics, family reunions, you name it.  

Who shouldn’t rent the The HandleBar?

If you are allergic to the outdoors, hate even the slightest form of anything remotely resembling exercise, or don’t want to be seen pedaling a 16-passenger bike around town then we aren't your best option.

Sorry, we no longer accept bookings from Bucks parties or 18-20th birthdays. 

Who can’t pedal The HandleBar?

The HandleBar typically has a minimum height requirement of 160cm for pedalers depending on the length of your legs (we have 3 adjustable seats). There is a maximum weight limit of 136kg for people on the bike seats. The back seat is perfect for those who don’t fit within the height or weight limitations.  And remember, there are two HandleBar stools that don’t have pedals so you can always sit on one of those!

All riders must be at least 18 years of age.  

Who’s in charge of The HandleBar?

The "Bar Handler". If you act in a dangerous manner, you’ll be asked to leave.

Have there been problems in the past with people falling off?

Since The HandleBar was started in 2012, we have had zero significant injuries occur on the bike.

What’s the fastest the The HandleBar can go?

On flat streets, with a strong crew, The HandleBar travels at a maximum speed of approximately 14 kph (according to our tour with the boys at Car and Driver Magazine (check out their article on us here: Car and Driver magazine).  

Can we decorate the bike for our tour?

Sure! Decorating tips and dimensions can be found here

What if we don’t want to drink alcohol?

No problem!  Our drinks menu contains a range of soft drinks available for purchase. We provide bottled water free of charge. We have tours where people just want to ride on The HandleBar as a way to see the city!

Do any of the bars we stop at offer food or drink specials to HandleBar riders?

Yes! Please show your confirmation email on your phone to receive:

Ed Castle Hotel - Happy Hour prices after your tour! 

I’ve read the FAQ but would like a visual… do you have any?

Below is a video pulled together during a radio show we did with Mix 102.3 FM, check it out!